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Moving Dialogs: Culture in Motion features unique collaborations between Chicago-area dance companies and cultural organizations to explore how dance can add to the visitor experience in museums.

Choreographers will partner with curators from the host museums to learn about the museum’s collections and heritage, seeking inspiration from tangible objects housed in the museum to create a dance that illuminates those objects and the cultural stories they represent. Through Moving Dialogs: Culture in Motion, the choreographers and curators learn together and create a new performance piece based around the cultural objects and their unique histories. Each event includes a moderated discussion with the partners in dialog about their creative process, offering attendees an engaging behind the scenes glimpse into their decision making and the art they’ve created.

Moving Dialogs: Culture in Motion is co-presented by Chicago Cultural Alliance and See Chicago Dance and is made possible by funding from the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, the Chicago Seminar on Dance and Performance, and The Joyce Foundation. Additional support provided by Grand Stage Lighting.

Moving Dialogs: Culture in Motion series details:


Celebrate Asian American Heritage Month! Join us for our second installment of Moving Dialogs: Culture in Motion at the Chinese American Museum of Chicago (CAMOC) and witness a new dance by VADCo! This collaboration features choreography by artistic director Valerie Alpert who has immersed herself in the museum’s collection, finding rich inspiration from the immigration stories of the Paper Sons, VADco will perform new material in a multilayered performance of dance, traditional music, storytelling, and cultural objects. The event will be moderated by scholars and experts in both dance and cultural objects, offering attendees a unique experience to deepen their knowledge about Chinese immigration through the lens of dance.