The Chicago Cultural Alliance welcomes New Core Members and Partners into the community.

  • Core Members are centers of heritage founded by a community to preserve a specific cultural perspective often drawing on the immigrant or migrant people settled in Chicago in, past or present.
  • Partner Members are organizations who support the mission of creating a greater inclusion in Chicago and have an interested in collaborating with Chicago’s diverse centers of heritage. Partners are usually not representing one specific ethnicity but a broad range of groups. Partner members can range from a gallery to a large civic institution to a government agency.
  • Download membership benefits:

    Download Core Member Benefits

    Download Partner Member Benefits

    To become a member of the Chicago Cultural Alliance, you please submit your complete application. The Membership committee will review your application and notify you of acceptance within three months.

    Have questions? Call us at (312)846-6814 ext. 100.

    Download the membership applications:

    Download Core Member Application

    Download Partner Member Application