Changing Worlds

Changing Worlds’ mission is to foster inclusive communities through oral history, writing and art programs that improve student learning, affirm identity and enhance cross-cultural understanding. Location: 329 W. 18th St., Suite 613, Chicago, IL 60616 Phone: 312-421-8040 Website:

Chicago Council on Science and Technology

The Chicago Council on Science and Technology’s mission is to enhance the public’s understanding and appreciation of science and technology and their impact on society.  C2ST co-sponsors and produces events covering a wide variety of topics, with relevant subjects including anthropology, the science of music, and science in cinema. Location: Illinois Institute of Technology 10 W 35th St, 10th Floor, Chicago, IL 60616 Phone: 1-312-567-5835 Fax: 1-312-567-5818

Chicago History Museum

The Chicago History Museum’s mission is to share Chicago’s stories, serving as a hub of scholarship and learning, inspiration and civic engagement. Location: 1601 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60614 Phone: 312-642-4600 Website:

Chicago Public Media

Chicago Public Media serves the public interest by creating and delivering diverse, compelling content that informs, inspires, enriches and entertains. Through a broad range of media platforms, it connects diverse audiences in its service area and beyond to one another. Chicago Public Media helps them make a difference in our communities, our region, and our world. Location: 848 E. Grand Ave., Chicago, IL 60611 Phone: 312-948-4600 Website:

Choose Chicago

Choose Chicago® is the official destination marketing organization for Chicago, Illinois. Its mission is to bring regional, national and international business and leisure visitors to Chicago for the economic benefit of the City, the community and its membership. Location: 301 E. Cermak, Chicago, IL 60616 Website:

DePaul Art Museum

DePaul Art Museum (DPAM) is a world-class museum located in the heart of Lincoln Park on DePaul University’s campus. Built in 2011, the LEED-certified building was designed by Antunovich Associates. DPAM presents four to six temporary exhibitions per year and houses a permanent collection of more than 3,500 objects with strengths in international modern and contemporary art. Location:  935 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60614 Phone: 1-773-325-7506

Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art

Intuit is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1991. Our mission is to promote public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of intuitive and outsider art through a program of education, exhibition, collecting and publishing. Intuit defines “intuitive and outsider art” as work of artists who demonstrate little influence from the mainstream art world and who instead are motivated by their unique personal visions. This includes what is known as art brut, non-traditional folk art, self-taught art, and visionary art. Location: 756 N Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL 60642 Phone: 312-243-9088 Website:

Jane Addams Hull-House Museum

The Jane Addams Hull-House Museum serves as a dynamic memorial to social reformer Jane Addams, the first American woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, and her colleagues whose work changed the lives of their immigrant neighbors as well as national and international public policy. The Museum preserves and develops the original Hull-House site for the interpretation and continuation of the historic settlement house vision, linking research, education, and social engagement. Location: 800 S. Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60607 Phone: 312-413-5353 Website:

National Public Housing Museum

The National Public Housing Museum is the first cultural institution dedicated to interpreting the American experience in public housing and illuminating the resilience of poor and working class families of every race and ethnicity. Location: 750 S. Halsted St., Suite 843, Chicago, IL 60607 Phone: 312-996-0738 Website:

North Park University

North Park University in Chicago prepares students for lives of significance and service through education in the liberal arts, professions, and theology Location: 3225 W. Foster Ave., Chicago, IL 60625 Phone: 773-244-6200 Website:

Old Town School of Folk Music

The Old Town School of Folk Music teaches and celebrates music and cultural expressions rooted in the traditions of diverse American and global communities. Location: 4544 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago IL 60625 Phone: 773-728-6000 Website:

Peace School

The Peace School’s mission is to help people of all ages practice peace in everyday life.  They are an independent, non-profit educational organization dedicated to building world peace, one person at a time. Through classes in meditation, yoga and traditional martial art, members learn to relieve stress and build a strong body and mind. Location: 3121 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60657-3111 Phone: 1-773-248-7959 Fax: 1-773-248-7963

Rafael Cintrón Ortiz Latino Cultural Center

The UIC Latino Cultural Center works with the campus and neighboring communities to expand understanding of Latino issues and highlight the creative solutions that people are using to solve these issues. We do our work through programs and initiatives that feature cultural and artistic expressions; intercultural and civic dialogues; scholarly presentations; and first-voice stories. Our programs and initiatives connect cultural and environmental sustainability, draw on cultural heritage to address contemporary issues, and build partnerships across diverse communities and identities for positive social change. Location: 803 S. Morgan St., Lecture Center B2, Chicago, IL 60607 Phone: 312-996-3095 Website:

Read/Write Library

The Read/Write Library is a new model for open, location-specific archiving of independent and small press media. Location: 914 N. California Ave., Chicago, IL 60622 Phone: 773-336-2516 Website:

The Field Museum

The Field Museum inspires curiosity about life on Earth while exploring how the world came to be and how we can make it a better place. We invite visitors, students, educators and scientists from around the world on a journey of scientific discovery. Location: 1400 S. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, IL 60605 Phone: 312-665-7470 Website:

University of Chicago Center For International Studies

The University of Chicago Center For International Studies sponsors and coordinates a wide variety of activities related to research, teaching, curriculum, and public outreach on global and international topics. Location: 5828 S. University Ave., Pick Hall 101, Chicago, IL 60637 Phone: 773-702-7721 Website:

University of Illinois at Chicago Gender and Sexuality Center

The University of Illinois at Chicago Gender and Sexuality Center provides education, outreach, research and support for and about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and allied people.  Location: GSC Lounge, Room 181, Behavioral Sciences Building, 1007 W. Harrison St. (MC 369), Chicago, IL 60607 Phone: 312-413-8619 Website: