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Activating Heritage

session archive (2021 – 2023)


If you missed a session or want to watch again, below you can find a list of our sessions from our 2021-2023 conferences..

Please note that some sessions were only available live at the presenters’ request.

Creating Online Digital Exhibits

Activating Heritage 2023 - March 6 CREATING ONLINE DIGITAL EXHIBITS Panelists: Kate Flynn is the Portal Manager for the Chicago Collections Consortium and also the Digital Programs & Metadata...

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Grants & Major Gifts

Activating Heritage 2023 - March 6 GRANTS & MAJOR GIFTS Panelists: Claire Fassnacht is the Development Manager at Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, where she has worked for five...

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Careers in Nonprofits

Activating Heritage 2023 - March 6 CAREERS IN NONPROFITS Panelists: Phoebe Yates is the Curator at the Swedish American Museum. She has BAs in Anthropology and Mathematics from DePaul University and...

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Volunteerism as Activism

Activating Heritage 2023 - March 6 VOLUNTEERISM AS ACTIVISM Panelists: Jill Glenn is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Illinois. She spent seventeen years of her career working with Kids Above...

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Start Your Own Oral History Projects

Activating Heritage 2023 - March 6 START YOUR OWN ORAL HISTORY PROJECTS Panelists:Liliana Macias is a DACAmented queer Mexican cultural worker, scholar, and educator raised in Chicago. As a scholar...

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Low Cost Solutions for Collections

Activating Heritage 2023 - March 6 LOW COST SOLUTIONS FOR COLLECTIONSPanelists:Andrea Stamm is the Chair of Collections and Research at the Chinese American Museum of Chicago. In this role, she...

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Past recording archive

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Activating Heritage 2021

April 6-10

“Fostering Inclusion and Anti-Racism”