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Join us as we celebrate the diverse communities throughout our city, improve cultural understanding and advocate for the underrepresented. Our members not only share resources and ideas, but they support one another and their respective communities through cross-cultural programming. These programs provide resources to minority communities and connect our Core and Partner Members with experts who share our wish for a more equitable and inclusive Chicago. 


WE LOOK TO YOU TO HELP LEAD THE CHANGE. we are the alliance.

Core Members

Core Members are centers of cultural heritage in and around Chicago. They are first-voice, community driven organizations that preserve a specific cultural perspective, experience and living history either through programs, exhibits or collections work.

Partner Members

Partner Members are diverse art, culture, and civic organizations that believe in our mission to create a more inclusive and culturally vibrant Chicago. They are are actively working to create more in-depth relationships within our communities, and are committed to investing resources to help cultural vibrancy flourish across the Chicago region.


The Chicago Cultural Alliance welcomes new Core Members and Partner Members into our active and vibrant community. Discover the benefits and apply for membership.