The Alliance Staff

Dr. Mónica Félix

Executive Director


Mónica Félix has a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Chicago with specializations in German and Russian literature and a B.A. in German and Linguistics from Lawrence University. She began her career in public humanities with her role as the Museum Director of the DANK Haus German American Cultural Center in Chicago. To support new programming for diverse audiences, she formed partnerships with fellow Alliance organizations to plan an International Game Night, secured funding for genealogy resources, and greatly expanded the museum internship program to draw students from across Chicagoland.

Her nonprofit leadership experience continued when she stepped into the role of Chief Administrative Officer of the American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA), the principal learned society in the United States for scholars whose work involves several literatures and cultures. As the ACLA’s first CAO, she oversaw multi-year planning of the organization’s 3,000-attendee annual meeting, implemented strategic planning, founded a development committee, established a new digital infrastructure, and overhauled the membership management structure.

With the Alliance’s dedicated Board of Directors and staff, she is helping to bring about the next generation of professional development programs, knowledge exchanges between centers, and impactful programming.

Anyah Le Gilmore-Jones

Marketing Manager


Anyah Le Gilmore-Jones is an innovative experiential and social media marketer skilled at creating engaging brand experiences. With a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Howard University, she graduated in 2 1/2 years to pursue her passion to connect people and ideas to drive organic growth for purpose-driven brands.

Anyah’s innovative marketing strategies allow audiences to fully immerse themselves in the brand experience. From coordinating social campaigns to leading brand takeovers at events, Anyah thinks outside the box. She thrives on turning content into impactful cultural moments. With diverse experience managing social media coordination for Howard University’s international students and traveling to over 12 countries, Anyah brings global perspective, cultural competence, and enthusiasm for collaboration.

As a committee member of World Chicago, she has developed skills to connect communities and promote inclusion. She aims to leverage her skills in media outreach, cross-cultural communications, and community partnership building in her role with Chicago Cultural Alliance. Excited to bring her world view and passion for celebrating diversity to an organization dedicated to cultural coalition building.


Programs & Membership Manager


Michael Scott has dedicated his career to helping create pathways to cultural arts education,
practice, and implementation that are accessible for people of all ages, backgrounds, and
creative endeavors. He holds an M.M. in Jazz Studies from Northern Illinois University and a
B.A. in Music Business and Marketing from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale.
As a nonprofit arts administrator who has an unrelenting drive to serve the community,
Michael focuses on strengthening strategic partnerships with nonprofit organizations
throughout Chicago. In his previous role as Director of Education, Performing Arts, and Family
Engagement for the Puerto Rican Arts Alliance (PRAA), Michael oversaw PRAA’s 21st Century
Community Learning Centers program, Somos Uno; PRAA’s community music school for youth –
the Latin Music Project Center; and in-school/after school music enrichment programs at 12-15
Chicago Public Schools partner sites — which served over 1,500 students and families annually.
Michael continues to strive for cross-cultural program equity in the humanities for youth,
adults, and families throughout Chicago.

Michael maintains an active teaching, adjudicating, and performance schedule where he
continues to explore and study many styles of music — offering his students the opportunity to
discover the rich history, heritage, and social diversity of Chicago’s vibrant neighborhoods. His
commitment to helping improve the quality of programing, as well as his involvement with
many other educational endeavors, has continued to have a meaningful impact within the
community. It is with this that Michael brings his unique set of experiences and background to
the Chicago Cultural Alliance team — helping contribute to CCA’s commitment to connecting,
promoting, and supporting Chicago’s centers of cultural heritage.

Pooja das

Marketing Intern


Pooja Das is an enthusiastic Industrial-Organizational (I/O) Psychologist with a mission to drive positive change in cross-cultural workplaces. Fueled by a relentless pursuit of excellence, she brings a unique blend of skills and experiences to optimize business strategies. A fast and willing learner, Pooja aims to provide evidence-based solutions in marketing, consulting, DEI, leadership, and HR. Transitioning from teaching, her adaptability makes her a versatile asset in the ever-evolving landscape of organizational dynamics. Her background in developmental psychology, acquired during her teaching tenure, equips her with a profound understanding of individual growth. This lens guides her in nurturing and developing employees to their full potential.

Believing in “Sharing is Caring,” Pooja has volunteered for various organizations, fostering a culture of shared success. Now, as an I/O Psychologist, she brings this ethos to the corporate world, promoting mutual support and community-driven progress. Specifically interested in Marketing, Consulting, DEI, Leadership, and HR-related areas, her expertise lies in research-based approaches. She leverages assessments, surveys, and data-driven methodologies to inform strategic decision-making. Excited about applying her diverse experience, Pooja addresses employee needs, aligning them with organizational goals. Her goal is to facilitate a harmonious synergy between individuals and business objectives, contributing to overall success and growth.