Support the Chicago Cultural Alliance

The Chicago Cultural Alliance relies on the generous support of individuals who are inspired by our model of intercultural dialogue and collaboration, and know the importance of cultural understanding in the world today. These generous donors support our mission by giving to the Annual Fund. Our programs and membership services earn our organization 20% of our organizational budget, so these donors are vital to making our intercultural work possible. In grateful appreciation for their support, we are delighted to bring Chicago Cultural Alliance donors closer to the cultural heritage work that they support.

Benefits for donors include:

$100 – $249 Support Level (or $8/month)

Recognition in donor listings and a special "Cultural Ally" button

$250 – $499 Support Level (or $20/month)

Invitation to CCA’s special Cultural Cocktail Event (plus all of the above)

$500 – $999 Support Level (or $40/month)

Invitation to Private Intercultural Program Event from CCA Members & Scholars (plus all of the above)

The Cultural Ambassador Society

We are thrilled to recognize the Chicago Cultural Alliance’s most generous donors as members of our Cultural Ambassador Society. The leadership support of our Cultural Ambassadors is the foundation upon which all of our work is built, propelling the Alliance’s mission and vision forward. Members of the Cultural Ambassador Society receive exclusive privileges designed to bring our most generous individual supporters closer to the culture they make possible. Those benefits include:

Sustainers Circle $1,000 – $2,499

Free entry into all CCA Core Member museums and events (plus all of the above)

Ambassadors Circle $2,500 – $4,999

Invitation to special Ambassadors Dinner (plus all of the above)

Leadership Circle $5,000 – $9,999

Invitation to special collections tour (plus all of the above)