Conservation & Collections Resources




 Oral Histories

  • Oral History Association
  • Smithsonian’s extensive online guide on “How to Do Oral History” which includes recommendations for how to prepare, what questions to ask, suggestions for recording, and other essentials
  • American Medina exhibit: oral history archive of interview recordings
  • DANK Haus German American Cultural Center: This center launched an oral history project in 2019. The collection is still developing and has included a website and a temporary exhibit.
  • Dis/Placements: public history project, which includes several oral histories
  • Haitian American Museum of Chicago: The museum has a space to listen to the interviews on site and also maintains a web page dedicated to this material.
  • Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center: Their interactive exhibit preserves memories of Holocaust survivors as interactive holograms.
  • Korean Cultural Center of Chicago: They started collecting interviews with Korean adoptees and sharing them on YouTube. 
  • National Hellenic Museum: Visit the museum to see examples of stations where visitors record their own memories as well as listen to recordings of interviews.