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Conservation & Collections

Oral Histories

  • Collaborate with a larger institution → If you are focused on a particular community, see if there is a local university with a department, institute, or archive interested in that community. They may consider collaborating and helping to store the recordings and make them available to the public.
  • Connect with the Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation to learn more about the Broadening Narratives grant, which aims to fund specific collections projects that bring forward underrepresented stories.
  • Illinois Humanities Activate History micro-grants
  • ISHRAB – Illinois States Humanities Records Advisory Board: historical records grant program.


Volunteers/Interns/Local Support

  • The Arts Intern Program provides fully paid summer and academic year internships at museums. All you have to do is provide a substantive internship experience and mentorship and youʼll have a full time intern getting paid $20/hr. The deadline for this summer just passed, but try reaching out and see if you can still get in, they tend to accept late entries.
  • Chicago Area Archivists: Note the annual CAA day of service.
  • Lawyers for the Creative Arts