Creative Placemaking Advanced Leadership Certificate – Apply by Sept 1

Creative Placemaking Advanced Leadership Certificate – Apply by Sept 1

The Creative Placemaking Advanced Leadership Certificate grows and nurtures entrepreneurial, collaborative and culturally competent leaders.  It is the kind of leadership that can most effectively enhance places through local arts and cultural activities.  It is the right type of leadership for these uncertain and challenging times.   The most effective leaders are both deep thinkers and strong communicators.  The Certificate  will help you master the knowledge and craft of creative placemaking leadership.

This low-residency program is designed for busy community-based professionals and social practice artists  anywhere in the world.   You can complete it in eight to 10 months.


Learn more about it here.

Join Free Placemaking Discussion Group

Join Free Placemaking Discussion Group

Themed Cafecito Placemaking Chats, 4th Monday of the Month

About this event

Placemakers, here’s a monthly opportunity to come together and refill each others’ tanks!

Bring your coffee, tea, or other drink, and your creative mind for free form discussion kicked-off by the following themes…

  • Lines and Divisions (January 24)
  • Bridge the Gap (February 28)
  • Healing the Democracy (March 28)
  • Engage your Citizens (April 25)
  • Use your Feet (May 23)
  • Let’s Talk about Pop-up (June 27)
  • Up your Alley (July 25)
  • Measure Up (August 22)
  • Find your Champion (September 26)
  • Teach Someone to Fish (October 24)
  • Difficult Conversations (November Date TBD)
  • Feed Your Mind (December Date TBD)

We’ll close-out each session with self-reflection: accepting what we must and finding our power to move things forward.

Inspired and Co-hosted by Sherryl Muriente, Initiator of the PlacemakingFL network and Director of Urban Placemaking, West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority


Submit a Photo to the Peace School Social Media Campaign!

Submit a Photo to the Peace School Social Media Campaign!

CCA Partner Member The Peace School is launching a photo campaign to celebrate the beauty of all people and cultures in the 77 Community Areas of Chicago, and they are asking their fellow Members of the Alliance for help! Their goal is to spread peace and love by getting to know and understand each other better as we support positive actions for peace. They thought of you because they want to promote people, groups and businesses that are making their neighborhood a better place to live. (That is DEFINITELY the Members of the Alliance!)

It is easy to participate! Go to a place you love in your community and take a photo with your message of peace. You’ll find details and sample photos below. Your photo will become part of the Peace in Chicago Call to Peace series on social media, featuring one Community Area each day.

Here’s an example from the Swedish American Museum of Chicago, who already submitted their photo, and Ben from the Chinese American Museum of Chicago is the cover image for this post!

Here’s how to participate:

·         Make a sign that says: Peace in [community area]

·         Take a photo with the sign – here are some samples and ideas:

Celebrate something positive in your community:

·         Your photo location could be on your own block or in front of a park, community garden, museum, school, public mural, community center, shop, restaurant… pick a spot in your Community Area you’d like to highlight. (This is a great way to represent your own cultural center or museum if you’d like!)

·         Your photo can include one person or you can gather your family, neighbors, coworkers or members of your local organization.  Please make sure that everyone in the photo gives permission for the image to be shared (including parent or guardian of children).

·         Your sign can be on a piece of paper or on a large poster. It can be simple or artistic. Keep in mind that you’ll want the sign’s message to show up well in your photo.

More about Community Areas:

·         Use this link for a map of Chicago’s 77 Community Areas.

·         Type in the name of your Community Area in the search box on top left and it will take you to an enlarged map of your Community Area.

Share your photo with the Peace School:

1.       Send your photo as an email attachment to:

2.       Important! Include a statement in your email giving us permission to share the photo on social media.

3.       Feel free to send us your Instagram and FACEBOOK @ handle so we can tag you when it’s time for your photo to be posted in the series. Then please share!

4.       You can also send us @ handles of other places in your Community Area you’d like us to tag.


It would mean a lot to have you participate in this special Peace in Chicago Call to Peace as we celebrate The Peace School’s 50th Anniversary in Chicago. Email Lydia Howe with questions at Together, let’s plant seeds of peace in Chicago and the world.

Apply to be a DCASE Grant Panelist!

Apply to be a DCASE Grant Panelist!

The Cultural Grants team seeks Chicago-area individuals to serve as grant application reviewers. Candidates must have arts and culture experience and be available for approximately 40 hours over several weeks. There is compensation for service. The application takes about 10 minutes to complete. You can help decide what arts and culture projects receive grants from DCASE!

To apply, please go to:

How to get your Brookfield Zoo tickets!

How to get your Brookfield Zoo tickets!

Brookfield Zoo tickets are here!

Here’s what you need to know:

We have a limited number of tickets, so to ensure that all Core Members have the ability to access this Member Benefit, we are giving out the Zoo tickets in two rounds this time. From now until August 5, 2022 all Core Members are allowed to request up to 200 tickets. If there are any tickets left, the second round of tickets will be open to all members (including Partner Members) on a first come, first serve basis. This will be announced on August 5, 2022 during the August Town Hall.

EDIT JULY 1: Thanks to many Members responding very quickly to our initial post, we are able to release ALL remaining Brookfield Zoo tickets ahead of schedule. Any Member (Core or Partner) may request any amount of zoo tickets, and they will be distributed on a first come, first served basis until they are gone.

Please contact Abby Foss at to request your tickets. 

The goal of the Brookfield Pass Program is to provide free access for Core Member communities to Brookfield Zoo. Please make sure to keep the follow Guidelines and Information in mind when requesting and distributing your tickets:

Information about the tickets

  • Each ticket provides free admission to Brookfield Zoo for one adult or one child
  • Tickets do not include free parking or admission to special exhibits
  • Tickets expire on March 31, 2023


  • Zoo tickets are a Member Benefit, so a Member must be current on dues for 2022 to receive tickets. (If you cannot pay dues now or must pay in installments, that can be arranged.)
  • Any promotion of the program should include recognition of Chicago Cultural Alliance and Brookfield Zoo. 
  • Core Members are the responsible party for distributing the zoo tickets to their community by allowing 4 tickets per family. 
  • Zoo tickets are not allowed to be distributed in bulk to organizations unaffiliated with the Chicago Cultural Alliance. 
  • We expect Core Members to distribute tickets in such a way that they are not available for someone to sell illegally.