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    Emma Lincoln

    Hello CCA Friends!

    My organization is preparing to sell our current building and purchase/renovate another in the near future. This hopefully means that the collections I oversee, which are mostly library and archives materials but also include some artifacts, will benefit from a better storage environment and more sensible layout in the new location.

    I’m curious about any experiences other CCA members have had with moving their collections. I have plenty of resources on the topic from within the library/archives profession, but what I’m looking for is actual boots-on-the-ground experiences from colleagues here in Chicago. If anyone is willing to share information about how you prepared your collections for a move and how you actually executed the move, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m especially interested in move-related budgets or estimates of expenses and recommendations for vendors locally.

    Thanks in advance!

    Emma Saito Lincoln (she/her)
    Japanese American Service Committee Legacy Center

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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