Elternabend on the Terrace: A Parent’s Night Out

Elternabend on the Terrace: A Parent’s Night Out

Need a night out, but don’t know what to do with the kids? DANK has you covered!

Join us on Thursday, May 19  from 6-8 pm for a parent’s night out. We will provide childcare and fun, enriching activities at the Haus for your kids, while you get to enjoy drinks, dinner, and the view of the city from our 6th Floor Skyline Lounge.

Registration includes dinner, two drinks, and childcare per adult! Children will also receive a meal and juice or water.

We are pleased to offer a discounted rate for Friends of the DANK Haus (What’s this?)

Adults (Friends of DANK Haus): $30
Children (Friends of DANK Haus): $15

Adults (General): $35
Children (General): $20

Note: Childcare is available for children ages 3 and up.

Anyone is welcome! DANK members, neighbors, friends – come out and join us for our very first Elternabend (parent evening)! 

Save the date for our next Elternabend: August 4th

Experimental Collage Workshop

Experimental Collage Workshop

Kunst Workshop im DANK Haus

mit der Künstlerin Beate Axmann aus dem Schwarzwald/Deutschland

Eine experimentelle Collage zum Thema „Sichtverrückt“

Experimentelle Collage bedeutet mit Schneiden, Reißen, Kleben und Übermalen mit Acryl-Farben seine eigene lustige, ernsthafte oder skurrile Geschichte entstehen zu lassen. Der Kreativität für ein originelles Werk sind keine Grenzen gesetzt…. 

Alle Materialien, sowie Collagen-Materialien aus Zeitschriften, Zeitungen, Büchern, Notenheften, Kalendern usw sind vorhanden.

Gerne können jedoch eigene Fotos oder selbst gesammeltes Material für die eigene Collage mitgebracht werden.

keine Vorkenntnisse notwendig

keine Altersbeschränkung


Art Workshop at the DANK Haus

work alongside artist Beate Axmann from the Black Forest in Germany – Beate Axmann will lead the this workshop in German. Beginners are welcome.

An experimental collage around the theme “Sichtverrückt”

In this “experimental collage” workshop, you will cut, tear, glue, and paint over images and text we provide. Use your materials and acrylic paint to create a fun, serious, or fantastical story. No limits will be places on your creativity while creating your original work. 

All materials will be provided, as well as a stockpile of newspapers, magazine, books, calendars, catalogues to sample from. Of course, you can also bring your own personal photos and materials to incorporate into the collage. 

No experience necessary

Open to all ages

Live Performances: Sergio Gomez and Joanna Pinsky with Beate Axmann

Live Performances: Sergio Gomez and Joanna Pinsky with Beate Axmann

Live Performances will take place in the DANK Treffpunkt (1st floor gallery), where guests are encouraged to watch at any time during the session. Performances begin at 5:00pm and go until the artists are done painting (about 2 hours).
Performance dates:
  • Wednesday, May 4 – Sergio Gomez with Beate Axmann
    • 5-7 PM
  • Tuesday, May 17 – Joanna Pinsky with Beate Axmann
    • 5-7 PM
About the performances:
Beate Axmann has invited two Chicago-based artists to collaborate with her on this dynamic exhibition. Each artist will begin with their own large canvas. During this performance, there will be several exchanges of the two canvases – meaning that each artist will add to the other artist’s work! This encounter will make visible the meaning of creative intervention, trust and respect between the artists, and the differences in their artistic expression.
Spectators will have the unique opportunity to experience a very special art encounter – certainly not one that you see every day.
Celebrate 100th Korean Children’s Day

Celebrate 100th Korean Children’s Day

The KCCoC brings the K-experience to Chicago Children’s Museum to celebrate Korean Children’s Day to share the joy with the children in Chicagoland. For this event, our intention is to provide snapshots of Korean culture, its impact on the global community, and its connections to cultures around the world.

Neighborhood Nights

Neighborhood Nights


A perfect place to meet your neighbors and socialize!

Each 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month from 7-11 PM. Proceeds support the DANK Haus Museum